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Making your internal systems work bigger takes more than talk.  Liveware delivers real tools to ensure productivity.

Integration…we’ve all seen it.  One sheet of paper is handled by two or three people, each keying the same data into their separate systems.  We build bridges between your accounting, manufacturing, personnel, timecard, badge and payroll systems.

Communication…Many companies spend lots of time filling out paperwork, sending e-mails or re-keying information to their outside vendors’ systems.  Liveware rapidly delivers systems that let you electronically send enrollments, changes and cancellations to 401(k) administrators, benefits providers, banks, etc.

Dissemination…you rightly think that there’s a ton of information being tracked in your internal systems.  Getting it out and spreading it to those who need it doesn’t have to be a chore or require a huge investment.  Liveware is the expert in developing and implementing reporting systems.  Our desktop reporting package, R&R ReportWorks is a powerful tool for creating and distributing reports.

Expansion…you’ve probably invested significant time and effort deploying your accounting, customer, HR and payroll systems.  We will build new functionality into these systems so you don’t have to buy new systems or scrap the old.

Creation…sometimes the systems you need just aren’t there.  Using our interactive development methods, Liveware will create and deliver custom database applications quickly.  

Education...new systems mean new processes and procedures. Liveware can train your people to use existing systems better. We also document and educate your employees to use new systems to their fullest.



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