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We’re Different

Liveware stands convention on its ear!  While other consulting firms waste crucial time in endless meetings, Liveware takes advantage of our unique set of rapid-development tools and iterative methodology to deliver results within days of discussing your specifications and requirements.  Usually, your project can be completed within only a few weeks.  You win in two important ways:  You get your results faster and at a lower cost.

Our History

Dan Levin founded Liveware in 1991 when he became dissatisfied with the bureaucracy, waste and inefficiency being sold to customers by other firms.  He set out to create a different kind of company–one where the customer and his requirements took precedence.

Over those ten years, Liveware has grown substantially.  But we still remain close to Dan’s original vision.  We bring first-class results to small and mid-sized businesses in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Unlike others, our consultants are experienced professionals.  They have a variety of business and technical experience ranging from MIS/IT departments to Accounting and Human Resources.  Their understanding of the needs and function of  businesses of all sizes helps us deliver rapid results.  You’re not paying to teach inexperienced people.  

Our Methods

Our success comes from our focus on well-defined, short-duration projects with specific, measurable goals for completion.  We try to contain the scope to only a few vital needs at any given time.  This helps keep the project on track and costs under control.  You pay only for our productivity and results!

We can address a number of different areas within your company.  We will install, support, integrate, customize and enhance a variety of database applications in both front and back office areas.  When an off-the-shelf product won’t do, we are able to deliver custom database applications in a fraction of the time that others will.

Our techniques rely heavily on close communication with our customers.  We use tools that help us deliver quick results and we work closely with you to verify our work against your expectations.  Changes can be made rapidly and with a minimum of fuss.  And our consultants respond quickly to your call, so if problems occur, we will provide fast and reliable solutions to them. 

Our Advertisements

We've distilled our philosophy into a half dozen ads which we hope you'll find amusing and relevant.




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